Terms & Conditions

1. Enrolment

Availability of courses and holiday program will be upon notification. Please complete your enrolment and payment to secure a place in your chosen class. Any transfer of available places privately would be prohibited and should notice the staff once there is a desire to proceed.

4. Absenteeism & Substitute Class

Fees are non-refundable, unless negotiated for an extended illness, and there are no transfers, refunds or make up sessions if you miss a class or if your personal circumstances change. Every student would be eligible to attend one substitute class as a maximum for each term, substitute class will be provided at the end of the school term, the studio reserves the right to decide whether it to be online or physical class. In cases when make-up classes are not offered and a student is actually sick or having an emergency, rebates will be offered for future classes.

7. Student Conduct

Seven Seasons Art Studio is a shared space, and we expect students to respect fellow classmates, artwork and property. Discrimination on the grounds of a person’s age, sex, gender, sexuality, marital status, physical or intellectual disability, or religion will not be tolerated. Students deemed to be exhibiting inappropriate or disruptive behaviour may be removed, suspended or expelled from the class.

11. Disclaimer

Seven Seasons Art Studio reserves the right to explain the terms & conditions.Our studio do not warrant or represent that the information is free of errors or omission, or that it is exhaustive

2. Payment or Fees

Class fees are listed with the course details on our website or Wechat group. Payment of the full class fee is required at the time of enrolment to secure your place. We accept Cash, bank transfer, Wechat and Alipay. Fees are inclusive of GST and tax receipts will be provided upon request. Term fees are due within 14 days upon the notice of payment. Students will not be permitted to attend any class until payment is finalized.

5. Art Material

Students are required to prepare fundamental art Materials as material description specified, other art materials are supplied and included in the fee of all art classes and holiday program.

8. Punctuality

Out of respect for other students and tutors, students are requested to be punctual for class. Children should be escorted to and from the art school by a parent or guardian, signed in on arrival and collected promptly at the end of class. Seven Seasons Art Studio would be exempted for any loss or damage on the way or outside of our Studio

10. Privacy & Copyright

The contact information you supply to Seven Seasons Art Studio will not be disclosed outside the school without your express consent, except where required by law. The copyright (of all classroom and online instruction methods, processes, video recordings / visual materials related to this, creative instruction content and notes) collectively is the exclusive property of the Seven Seasons Art Studio, and protected under State and Federal law.

3. Cancellation, Suspension & Refunds

Seven Seasons Art Studio reserves the right to amend any class, tutor or schedule. Should a class have to be cancelled due to arrangement, any student enrolled in that class will be contacted and an alternative class or refund arranged. Suspension will not be allowed for online class due to lockdown or special conditions. Fees are non-refundable after second week commenced for school term or within 48 hours of the commencement for holiday program, unless negotiated for an illness. 

6. Photography

From time to time we take photos during class of students and artworks. These photos are used for Seven Seasons Art Studio’s promotional purposes such as press advertising, brochures, social media, editorials and website. These photos will never be sold and will be used exclusively by and for Seven Seasons Art. As a Condition of Enrolment your consent is implied. Should you not wish for us to take and use photos of you, your child or your artwork please notify us in writing.

9. Occupoational Health & Safety

If you have an existing medical condition, allergy or disability that may affect your participation in a class, you should notify the staff of Seven Seasons Art Studio at the time of enrolment.

Disagreement Lodgement

All enrolled student tacitly agree and acept the Terms & Condition above, any remonstrator please lodge below

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